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Did Volkswagen sell you a "clean diesel" car for way too much? Want justice?

Did you buy a VW Diesel and want Justice?  Don't hire anyone.  Just because you got a post card or see an advertisement, make sure you retain attorneys who the automotive industry fears.   Don't settle for a mill. You need to hire someone who has deposed German automotive engineers about their software.  Hire attorneys who conducted depositions in Munich in 2015 in product liability cases.  Kristensen Weisberg, LLP has been at the forefront of holding the automotive industry accountable and has obtained.   VW does not like us, you should.   Seven Things Every Volkswagen and Audi Diesel Car Owner MUST KNOW.

  • Here's what happened:

In 2008, Volkswagen began installing "defeat devices" into millions of cars featuring its new EA 189 diesel engine. These devices introduced software designed to cheat on emissions tests. After spending immense time and resources developing the EA 189, and dedicating themselves with religious fervor to the ideology of "clean diesel," Volkswagen executives were shocked to realize that the engine would never conform to emissions standards in the United States and other key markets. Rather than scrap the engine and take a huge loss, Volkswagen conspired to cover up its flaws. During testing, the software would monitor and limit emissions, ensuring a passing grade. On the road, the EA 189 was spewing forty times the legal limit of nitrogen oxide pollutants. After the deception was discovered and exposed by the EPA this year, Volkswagen admitted guilt and recalled 482,000 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles in the United States. Overall, it is estimated that as many as 11 million cars may be impacted worldwide.

  • Here are the specific models that are impacted:

Aside from Volkswagen diesel models, cars manufactured internationally by Audi, Skoda, and Seat carry the defective EA 189 engine as well. In the United States, the following seven models have been recalled: - Volkswagen Jetta 2009-2015 - Volkswagen Beetle and Beetle Convertible 2012-2015 - Volkswagen Passat 2012-2015 - Audi A3 2010-2015 - Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen 2009-2014 - Volkswagen Golf 2010-2015 - Volkswagen Sportwagen 2015  

  • How your car may be impacted:

  While your car may be eligible for adjustments that will enable it to conform to current emissions standards, these adjustments will likely come at considerable cost to you. Your car may be subject to reduced performance, weaker acceleration, and poorer gas mileage. Over time, you may face increased maintenance cost. Ultimately, the value of your car may be decreased as a direct result of the fraudulent actions of Volkswagen executives.  

  • Know this: Volkswagen cannot be trusted.

  On the surface, Volkswagen may appear contrite. After all, they came clean about their fraudulent actions and appear ready to cooperate with authorities. You might even be tempted to sit tight under the assumption that the company will one day do right by you.   Don't be fooled...nothing could be further from the truth. Volkswagen has shown a shocking degree of dishonesty every step of the way. They admitted guilt only after the EPA forced their hand by threatening not to approve 2016 models. Even now, many feel that the company continues to cover up the involvement of senior executives.   There can be no doubt that Volkswagen will do everything in their power to minimize the costs of the scandal - even if it comes at the expense of innocent, unsuspecting customers like you.  

  • John Kristensen of Kristensen-Weisberg in Los Angeles is one of the foremost automotive legal experts in the nation.

  When it comes time to seek legal counsel, and if you are a Volkswagen or Audi diesel car owner that time is now, it is essential to gain advice and representation from qualified experts in the field. John Kristensen has an established track record of gaining justice for car owners by going up against industry giants. As a young lawyer he was instrumental in the investigation and prosecution of sudden acceleration cases against the Toyota Motor Company. From there he moved on to found Kristensen Weisberg, LLP. He has pursued successful action against the likes of Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and many others.   It takes courage and experience to prosecute cases against large companies like these. John Kristensen has demonstrated these qualities repeatedly over the course of the last decade.  

  • In seeking justice for Volkswagen and Audi diesel car owners, pursuing individual cases may be preferable to class action.

  Automotive lawyer John Kristensen is prepared to file individual cases against Volkswagen rather than waiting around to see what materializes in the class action arena. In the hands of an experienced lawyer, these types of individual cases may enable Volkswagen car owners the best chance to obtain proper compensation for damages incurred.  

  • You can be sure that wealthy Volkswagen share holders will be well-represented in the legal realm...and YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

  Don't sit back and wait to see what happens. Class action may not be the answer and voluntary compensation from Volkswagen most certainly won't be either.   If you are a Volkswagen or Audi diesel car owner, you need to be as aggressive in pursuing your interests as Volkswagen will be in protecting theirs. Wealthy investors are already moving legally and, at Kristensen-Weisberg, we're here to make sure you don't get left behind.   You've been the victim of a fraud. You've been blindsided. There was no way you could have known. But here's the good news: you have the wherewithal to get justice and you can start the ball rolling right now.   Call Kristensen Weisberg, LLP today  at 310-507-7924 or email us at for a free consultation.          

Case Results

Obtained a record $16 million fine against Toyota Motor Corporation after discovering that the auto giant misled the US government when it issued a safety recall in Japan, but not the United States.

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