Leading Personal Injury Law Firm In Los Angeles

At Kristensen Weisberg, LLP, our attorneys are strong advocates for victims of personal injury accidents in Los Angeles and throughout California. We have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of injury victims and their families.

Our experienced trial lawyers are prepared to handle any personal injury claim, no matter how serious the injuries or complex the issues. The scope of our practice includes:

  • Car accidents: Including auto wrecks caused by distracted driving, drunk driving and other forms of negligence on California roads.
  • Trucking accidents: Including catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths caused by collisions with 18-wheelers and other large commercial trucks.
  • Premises liability: Including slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents caused by the negligence of property owners.
  • Nursing home abuse: Holding negligent parties accountable for bedsores, falls, medication errors and other accidents causing serious injuries to elders. Also handling cases involving willful physical, emotional and financial abuse of elders.
  • Assault and abuse: Standing up for victims of assault, battery, abuse and other violent crimes.
  • Work injuries: Including claims arising from scaffold collapses, explosions, fires, electrical accidents and other on-the-job accidents.

Litigation can be extremely stressful and nerve-racking with pieces of everyone's life examined and judged. It is our firm belief that our clients should know what risks and opportunities they are facing. Our firm has handled a wide breadth of litigation from trials to the courts of appeal. We believe that every case should be treated like it is our only case.

We Are Here To Help You Get Back On Your Feet

We understand that you need injury compensation to pay for your medical bills, wage loss and other hardships. We are here to help you obtain maximum compensation for all of the losses you have suffered.

To arrange your free initial consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, please contact us today online or by telephone at 310-984-1297.